Christina Aguilera Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Christina Aguilera weight gain?

Christina Aguilera is a famous singer whose weigh has been changing through years, but the most recent Christina Aguilera weight gain happened because of her divorce with her husband. Furthermore the nightlife that she lived with her boyfriend also gained her weight, because she likes to eat pica and not to worry about it. The singer openly agreed about the fact that she was fat when her new album “Lotus” was being made.
Christina told everyone that her body is only hers and it is not for everyone to see, she got tired of being slim. Christina Aguilera weight gain and weight loss has been a struggle between her and public for years. The public reaction was negative towards Christina Aguilera weight gain, a lot of people told her that she is to fat and has to lose some weight.
Even Kelly Osbourne made remarks about Christina Aguilera weight gain, because she fells hurt and wants to revenge in a way for all those years that Aguilera called her fat and made remarks about her weight so Kelly called Christina fat in front of a lot of reporters.
As the famous singer states herself her new album was like a new start, because the name of it means a flower that stands in any hard conditions and stays alive even though it may seem to hard sometimes.
However because of all the public reaction Christina got tired and decided to do something about herself, thus she began to keep to strict diet when she can eat only 1600-calorie-a-day and this is working for the famous singer. She goes out to pick food for herself and puts a lot into it. Now she shows of her figure in a skinny jeans and different sweaters that she likes when going out with her boyfriend. She claims that she loves her new figure, when she has feminine lines and likes to show them.
Christina Aguilera weight gain did not stayed with her for a lot of time, because she is starting to lose it. Even though she has claimed for many times that she is happy about her figure something must have made her change her mind.

what are your thoughts on Christina Aguilera weight gain story?

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