Lara Bingle weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Lara Bingle weight gain?

Most of us were shocked after seeing the photos that evidenced the massive Lara Bingle weight gain. The Australian beauty started modeling as a teenager and since then has appeared on the covers of numerous magazines, such as OK!, Woman’s Day, Oyster, Grazia, Who, New Idea and Famous. She has also featured on variety of television shows, including Australian Top Mode, Home and Away and The Celebrity Apprentice Australia. In the early 2000s this model has entered television show/ice dancing competition Torvel and Dean’s Dancing on Ice, from which she was eliminated the last of all the women. Her performance on Dancing with the Stars was somewhat less successful. To her greatest disappointment, Lara and her partner have been kicked out by the end of June.
Those who remember the way she looked in the early 2000s know that back than Lara Bingle weight gain was not among her problems: he body was fit and toned. This is quite an obvious thing to say, knowing that back then Lara was concentrating on her modeling career. Having in mind that the fashion industry does not normally tolerate the women who carries even a couple of extra pounds, it is obvious that staying in shape was vital for Bingle’s success. However, by the early 2010s her fans have noticed that she is getting a bit chubbier than she used to be. In 2012, when some tabloids published the photos of the model and her boyfriend spending holidays on the beach it became obvious that Lara Bingle weight gain was more significant that anyone could have thought. The pictures evidenced that the 25-year-old who used to pose for the covers of most influential magazines has developed a solid belly. Plus, it looked like she has a considerable cellulite problem. Although cellulite troubles thousands of women, it is strange to see the skin of 25-year-old model looking like the lobe of an orange!
Are you curious why did the model suddenly get out of shape? Her physical transformation resulted from some serious changes in her life. First of all, Lara started to concentrate on pursuing career as a fashion designer, instead of modeling. Second, she has settled in a long-term relationship with a fellow fashion designer, Gareth Moody. As you might already know, a lot of women tend to pack on a several pounds after they start feeling comfortable next to their boyfriends.
As for 2013, Lara Bingle weight gain no longer stands in the way of her modeling career. After seeing her own photos in the tabloids, Bingle decided it is time to regain the status of diva. She has managed to get rid of all the extra pounds within a year by following a healthy diet and practicing Pilates.

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Lara Bingle weight gain

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