28 week pregnant weight gain

28 week pregnant weight gain

This article is dedicated to the topic of 28 week pregnant weight gain. It contains all the basic information you should know about the stages of development babies undergo by the end of the third semester. You will also learn why exactly you are supposed to pile on way more pounds than your newborn is going to weight and why this is so important for the health of your baby. We will also mention what are the most important eating principles you should keep in consideration while carrying a baby.
By the time your baby is one month old he is actually just an embryo which consists of two layers of cells. Hopefully one day he or she will grow up into the person you and your partner can be proud of, but by the end of the 4th week he is just the promise and the potential of that man. However, by the time 28th week is over and the second trimester is coming close to an end, the baby already has fingerprints, which will remain the same through his lifetime, eyelids, eyebrows and the skeleton of bone. His skin, which used to be all wrinkled, is slowly smoothing as he gains baby fat. By the time 6th month is over your baby will weight only one pound and a half. However, the normal 28 week pregnant weight gain is considerably greater. If before getting pregnant your body mass index used to fluctuate in the limits between 18.5 and 24, by the end of 28th week you should gain about 16 pounds. The woman who used to be overweight should gain less, while the formerly underweight ladies should pile on more additional pounds.
Are you wondering why is it so important to know not only the normal 28 week pregnant weight gain, but to keep your body mass index under control during all stages of pregnancy? The medical scientists have noticed that the woman who gained too much weight tend to deliver babies whose birth-weight is excessive. This increases the risk of labor complications and in turn, the likelihood that cesarean delivery will be necessary. Meanwhile the women who gain insufficient amount of weight more often give birth to underweight babies and preterm infants.
What should you do if your actual 28 week pregnant weight gain is lesser or greater than suggested in this article? Most importantly, don’t give yourself a panic attack. Just adjust your diet accordingly or even better, visit your doctor. If you decide to introduce any changes into your diet before consulting with a specialist, keep in mind that in any case you should not let yourself be hungry. Instead, you should consume 300-400 calories more than you used to and allow yourself to eat something sweet at least occasionally.

28 week pregnant weight gain 28 week pregnant weight gain

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