29 weeks pregnancy weight gain

So, what are the reasons of 29 Weeks Pregnancy Weight Gain weight gain?

29 weeks pregnancy weight gain

During nine months of pregnancy most women have only one major hope: they want to give birth for a healthy baby, so one day he would be ready to pursue personal happiness, simultaneously making people around him a little bit happier too. One of the crucial things to do in order to make sure your baby is born as healthy and fit as possible is to decrease the risk of various labor complications (such as preterm delivery and cesarean delivery) by keeping your weight gain process under control in all the stages of pregnancy. This is why we decided to write a separate article on 29 weeks pregnancy weight gain. We hope the information we are about to provide will be helpful for all the would-be mothers!
Now before we tell you what is a recommended 29 weeks pregnancy weight gain, it is important for you to know what stages of development the child undergoes by the end of second trimester. As it starts, your baby already has functioning vital organs and sees the light that filters into your womb from the outer world. During this crucial stage of development you start to feel the child moving inside your womb and can find out whether you going to raise a son or a daughter. As you reach the middle of the second trimester, your child can not only hear your voice and heartbeat, but also feels your movements. For example, he feels when you are dancing, although he is not able to understand what exactly is going on. Since you enter the 24th week your child’s brain starts developing very quickly, thus his abilities to recognize voices also increase. As you are in the last week of the second semester, your child can already open his eyes and even starts learning to breathe by inhaling some of the amniotic fluid. Of course, in this stage his lungs are not fully developed yet, but with medical help, he would be able to survive even if you gave premature birth.
By the time you have been pregnant for 29 weeks you baby might be dreaming. Although it is impossible to say what the child who has never seen the world dreams about, dreams can give him something like negative or positive emotions. Your six months pre-born baby should weight around 2, 25 pounds, but your 29 weeks pregnancy weight gain should be much greater. According to the doctors, by the end of 29th week the woman whose pre-pregnancy body mass index was from 18 to 24.8, should have piled on 18-22 pounds. The 29 weeks pregnancy weight gain recommended for the women who were overweight at the time of conception is smaller.

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29 Weeks Pregnancy Weight Gain weight gain

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