Adam Levine weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Adam Levine weight gain?

Although his transformation has not even been that noticeable, Adam Levine weight gain has attracted quite a lot of attention. This multitalented artist has always seen his future on stage. He formed his first band, Kara’s Flowers, when he was still a teenager and stood in front of his band-mates as the lead singer and guitarist. Although the group managed to land a record contract and even released an album titled The Forth World, Kara’s Flowers did not have mainstream success and soon the guys started thinking about going separate ways. However, Adam was determined not to let his project die without a fight. He reformed the band and added a 5th member. Following these changes the group was renamed Maroon 5. Their debut album, Songs About Jane, was released in 2002. It spawned 5 major hits (Harder To Breathe, This Love, She Will Be Loved, Sunday Morning and Must Get Out), received positive reviews and sold almost 5 million copies in the United States alone, garnering 4xPlatinum certification from the Recording Industries Association of America.
Of course, if Songs About Jane was the only commercially successful album recorded by Maroon 5, by now this band would probably be forgotten and nobody would care about Adam Levine weight gain. However, this is not the way things are. Since 2002 the band has released three more studio albums, all of which reached platinum status in the United States. As for the day Maroon 5 holds an impressive number of accolades, including 3 Grammy Awards, a couple of Billboard Music Awards as well as American Music Awards , MTV Music Video Award and World Music Award.
Those who adore Maroon 5 music and have seen any of their music videos know that Adam Levine weight gain has never been among his greatest problems. His toned and fit body was the result of intensive training. According to the singer, he has always tried to follow healthy diet and exercise regularly. For years Adam was working out in the gym, lifting weights. Although he did not actually enjoyed this kind of sports, Levine rarely cheated on his workout routine as he believed that lifting weights was the only reliable way to keep his muscles toned. Everything changed when Alanna recommended that the singer should try practicing yoga. She told Adam that this could not only help him stay in shape, but also increase his flexibility. After doing yoga for the first time the singer was so excited, he promised himself not to pick up a weight ever again. Could it be that these changes in his workout routine is the reason behind Adam Levine weight gain? Maybe, but the more likely explanation suggests that the singer simply lost control of his calorie intake.

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Adam Levine weight gain

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