Adam Richman weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Adam Richman weight gain?

By the mid 2012 Adam Richman weight gain was impossible to ignore. Before starting his career on television Adam earned a master’s degree from Yale University of Drama. Some of his first roles were in All My Children, Guiding Light, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, Joan of Arcadia, where he portrayed God as a butcher, and Guiding Light. While trying to establish himself as an actor, Richman has also devoted quite a lot of time for his greatest hobby: learning about food and keeping restaurant journal.
Adam Richmond weight gain process started in 2008, when his hobby turned into his job. That year the actor, trained sushi chef and self-educated food expert started working on his own show, titled Man v. Food. These reality television series followed Richman as he traveled all over the United States, exploring the unique “big food” cultures of various cities. The typical meals Adam “explored” were extremely calorie-rich and unhealthy. Plus, on some of the episodes he used to enter various eating contests and take food challenges, such as shuffling down 190-pound burger.
Thus as you have already understood, Adam Richman weight gain was directly related to his job. Little did it help that the actor and television host tried his best to follow healthy diet in between of shootings and restrained from eating a day before taking a food challenge. He also tried to exercise regularly, but it was quite hard as Richman and the rest of Man v. Food team used to spend most of the time on the road. Eventually his reality television series became one of the most popular programs on Food Network, but Adam’s professional success came with a great personal price. He was getting heavier and heavier with every season, eventually starting to look like a man well into his forties while he was still only 37 year old.
Although usually men tend to be less sensitive about their physical appearance than woman, Adam Richman weight gain did bother him. In one of his recent interviews the celebrity has revealed that by the mid 2012 he was no longer able to look straight at his reflection in the mirror. By that time the man that stared back at him had a double chin and a paunch that equaled to a pregnant woman’s belly. Richman has admitted that his physical transformation had a major effect on his self confidence. Partially because by gaining a lot of overweight the man has actually lost a lot of his charm, partly due to the psychological reasons related to self-undervaluation, Richman started having problems in his love life.
Due to the troubles he has been experiencing, the television personality decided to change his lifestyle and started following a healthy diet. As for October 2013, Adam Richman weight gain is about to be forgotten: he has recently lost 60lbs!

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Adam Richman weight gain

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