Adele weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Adele weight gain?

It seems like since the beginning of her professional career the articles discussing Adele weight gain have never disappeared from the tabloids. Her full figure, which is highly uncommon in showbiz, is not the only reason why this young singer has received so much public attention. Her way to success, which started when Adel (full name Adele Laurie Blue Adkins) was only 18 years old, was nearly unprecedented. Three years after her demo record appeared on Twitter, the artist garnered Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Female Pop Vocal Performance and Best New Artist. Her debut album, which was entitled 19 (that is how old Adele was at the time), sold millions of records all over the world and received almost unanimous critical acclaim.
So why for such a long time media has been dishing about Adele weight gain, instead of concentrating on her professional achievements? The answer is pretty simple: tabloid journalists, as well as general audience, are not used to seeing female artists who not only do not fit into the size zero, but actually has quite a lot of overweight. We can actually understand both the audience, and the tabloid journalists. The reaction of first group to the emergence of “full” singing superstar was actually rather positive. Millions of women all over the world admired Adele for her bravery and self confidence. They respected this young singer for proving that in order to achieve global success you don’t need to have sex-bomb body. We can also understand why the tabloids paid so much attention to Adele weight gain: they just fallowed the interests of their readers.
What seems a little bit strange for us, is that Adele’s colleagues in showbiz, did not know better but to engage in the discussion about the singer’s body. For example, the famed fashion designer Carl Lagerfeld has once noted that Adel could use a diet. Another starlet that did not manage to hold her tong was Lady Gaga. After being criticized for adding some pounds herself, the eccentric singer has tried to redirect the media’s attention by pointing out that Adele is still heavier than she is.
Despite these unpleasant comments, it does not look like Adele weight gain has cost her a lot of nerves. Not so long ago the singer has told the journalists that she has always felt comfortable in her own body and claimed there are only two reasons that could encourage her to go on a diet. According to the singer, she would only do that if the overweight affected her health or sex life. Surprisingly, it looks that during the last half of year Adele might have changed her opinion: in the latest Grammy Awards she looked slimmer than ever!

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Adele weight gain

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