Alicia Keys weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Alicia Keys weight gain?

In 2011 Alicia Keys weight gain was just impossible not to notice. Before we tell you how did this starlet got so heavy, let’s remember the beginnings of her professional career. Alicia has been training in singing and playing piano since an early age. At the age 12 she entered Professional Performing Arts School and just a couple of years later the creative teenager started writing songs. By 1994 Alicia already had a manager and by the time she turned 16 one of her songs, “Dah Dee Dah (Sexy Thing)”, has featured in the soundtrack of the move. Not any movie, but the 1997’s hit comedy Man in Black, featuring Will Smith.
Alicia’s debut studio album was released in 2001, when the singer was 20 years old. It featured four major hits (Girlfriend, How Come You Don’t Call Me, Fallin and A Woman’s Worth) and garnered five Grammies: for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, Best R&B Song for Fallin’, Best R&B Album, Song of the Year and Best New Artist. The success that this singer has experienced over the year following her debut partially explains why to this day the audience is interested in every detail of her life, including Alicia keys weight gain. Of course, her weight fluctuations were not the only reason why this singer remained in the centre of media attention. Ever since The Songs in A Minor reached the stores, Alicia has been constantly named among the most talented songwriters and singers both for her individual work and fruitful collaborations with other artists.
If you remember the way she looked in 2002 you will agree that back then Alicia keys weight gain definitely was not among her greatest problems. In fact this singer, who inherited her exotic looks from Italian, English, Scottish and African American ancestors, received just as many compliments for her beauty as she did for her talent. Her dark, toned and fit body used to drive crazy man all over the world. However, by the mid 2010 her fans started to notice that the singer is piling on pounds. The reason behind Alicia Keys weight gain was simple: she got pregnant. Alicia and record producer Swiss Beatz started dating in 2009, after working together on the single “Million Dollar Bill”. The couple announced about their engagement in May of 2010 and got married a couple of months later. Alicia’s son, Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean, was born in October of the same year. Unlike many celebrity moms, Alicia did not run into the gym right after she was released out of the hospital. Instead, she took some time off to enjoy motherhood and got rid of the extra pounds without any hurry, over the following 18 months.

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Alicia Keys weight gain

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