Alyssa Milano weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Alyssa Milano weight gain?

Alyssa Milano weight gain, which became obvious in 2011, amounted to 60 pounds. But before we start digging into the reasons behind this sudden transformation, let us briefly remind you about the professional achievements of this actress. Alyssa started acting as a child. At the age 8 she was chosen out of 1500 contestants to appear in a national tour of Annie. Following this debut the child actress has appeared in variety of televisions commercials and off-Broadway productions. A real breakthrough in Alyssa’s career came up 1984m, when the 12-year-old was cast for TV series Who Is the Boss?, where she starred alongside Judith Light and Tony Danza. The starlet has remained with this show for eight years. Her next prominent role was in popular show Charmed. In these series Milano portrayed Phoebe Halliwell, one of three sisters whose lives changed after they had found out about their supernatural abilities.
Now let’s get back to the topic of Alyssa Milano weight gain. Thos who have fallowed Charmed know that even when this actress was already well into her thirties, her figure was still enviable. Milano was slim and fit, yet feminine. In fact, she was repeatedly named among the hottest actresses in the world! So what happened to Alyssa in 2011? Did she simply got tired of diets, as well as workouts, and decided that looking good is not worth all this effort? O maybe it was some sort of stress and “emotional eating” that led to this transformation?
To the contrary, the reason behind Alyssa Milano weight gain was pretty joyful. In late 2010 the actress has learned that she is about to become a mother! Her first and so far the only son, Milo Thomas Bugliari, was born in summer 2011. His father is Alyssa’s husband, CAA agent David Bugliari. The couple got engaged in 2008, after one year of dating, and got married the following year. Before meeting the father of her child Milano was briefly married to the musician named Cinjum Tate. Although their divorce was finalized within a year after wedding day, the actress has claimed that the reason behind their break-up was not lack of love. She just could not live with a musician, who spent most of his time on the road.
During her pregnancy with Milo, Alyssa has packed on some 60 pounds. This was actually more than is usually recommended: the doctors suggest that a pregnant woman of average weight should gain up to 35 pounds. As for 2013, it looks like Alyssa Milano weight gain is already in the past. The actress managed to get rid of most of her pregnancy weight within a year after giving birth.

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Alyssa Milano weight gain

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