Amanda Bynes Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Amanda Bynes weight gain?

Amanda Bynes weight gain does make her feel uncomfortable with herself and her body as she opens up herself in her personal page on twitter. She shares all of her problems on her twitter and that may seem a little bit too much. She states herself that she fells pudgy on this site and also gives such unreasonable information that she broke a nail and similar things.
Amanda Bynes weight gain happens really fast as she states herself, she puts on pounds immediately after eating something and that is not good for her, she is not content about this. Thus, she has lost weight recently and is not planning to stop at this points, she says that she will continue to lose weight and that it is a real hard work for her to do it.
She states that in order to get rid of Amanda Bynes weight gain she has to work out consistently and spend quite a lot of time exercising. She has moved to New York recently and likes the way that her life continues there. She has lost 4 labels and that is just a small amount of her body weight that she wants to get rid of. Now she weighs 120 labels and wants to reach 100 labels.
However, if she reaches her goal, that would not be considered safe for her health according to medical opinion. Due to her height which is only 5 feet and 8 inches her body mass index would reach only 15 and that is considered as a bad thing, medical opinion is that if a person’s BMI is so low he has anorexia or is malnourished. So Amanda could ruin her health in order to satisfy her wish, which seems unreasonable for many people that like her.
Amanda Bynes weight gain suited her and the fact that she wants to get rid of it is unreasonable, moreover, she wants to reach the critical limit for her health state just in order to please herself and her principles. She is a hard person and has had some legal problems due to her character. She always tweets her personal life, which may shock others and she openly posts messages about her sexual life with her boyfriends and what she wants from him. Amanda beans weight gain could have stayed with her, she looked healthy and feminine with her body lines the way that she was.

what are your thoughts on Amanda Bynes weight gain story?

Amanda Bynes weight gain Amanda Bynes weight gain Amanda Bynes weight gain

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