Amber Tamblyn weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Amber Tamblyn weight gain?

It’s been a while since her fans have started talking about Amber Tamblyn weight gain. Before we start digging deeper into this topic, let us briefly remind you about the personal life and professional achievements of this 30-year-old. Amber was born in a family of two famed artists Russ Tamblyn (multitalented dancer, singer and actor) and Bonnie Murray (singer who later worked as a teacher). Raised among the artists, Amber has always dreamed about joining their ranks.
Her dreams started turning into reality quite early: at the age 15 the girl was cast for the role of Emily Bowen in famed television series General Hospital. She remained on this show for six years and later went on to star as Joan Girardi in CBS show Joan of Arcadia. Tamblyn has also featured in such cult television programs asBuffy the Vampire Slayer, Boston Public, Babylon Fields, Punk’d, , CSI; Miami, House, and The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret. Tamblyn has also established herself as a talented movie actress. After appearing in Rebellious and Johnny Mysto: Boy Wizard, she went on to star in comedy movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
Amber Tamblyn weight gain and her acting talent are not the only reasons she has achieved so much media attention: the young woman also proved that she is a talented poet. Among her publications are two self financed books (Plenty of Ships and Of the Down) and Free Stallion (a book written over seven years and released by Simon and Schuster Children’s Publishing). According to some of the critics, this later peace of literature portrays Amber as a teenager and is worth of attention at least for two reasons: it contains stunning language and real insight.
Now that you know all you need to about her professional achievements, we can return to the topic of Amber Tamblyn weight gain. The whole buzz started in the late 2012, when the photos of Amber and her newly gained husband David Cross spending time together appeared on the internet. The couple started dating in 2011 and got married after one year together. The photos left no doubt that the actress and poet have gained at least several pounds and it seemed like most of them concentrated on her belly area. This gave rise to the rumors that Amber might be expecting. Knowing that by that time Tamblyn was already 29 years old and happily married, this seems quite a plausible interpretation.
However, the time showed that the fans and internet bloggers who assumed that Amber is expecting her first child were mistaken. It could be that the actual reason behind Amber Tamblyn weight gain was a simple result of the latest changes in her personal life. After all, who would want to count calories during the honeymoon?

what are your thoughts on Amber Tamblyn weight gain story?

Amber Tamblyn weight gain

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