Anna Nicole Smith weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Anna Nicole Smith weight gain?

Anna Nicole Smith weight gain was the problem she has struggled with for most of her life. Before we start digging into this topic, let us briefly remind you of the ways in which this young woman gained international attention on the first place. In 1989 the 22-year-old started working as a striptease dancer in Houston, where she was known as Vickie Smith. Initially she earned relatively less than other girls. After some time trying to win the attention of visitors, Anna decided that what she needs for her “career” to flourish are bigger breasts. Apparently, she was absolutely right. After “investing” into the plastic surgery, during which she got bowling ball size implants, Smith became the most popular dancer in the club and her income shot to the stars.
Sure, getting huge breast implants resulted in an overall Anna Nicole Smith weight gain. But at least at that time, that was not a problem at all. Soon the dancer got the chance to meet the legendary founder of Playboy magazine, Hugh Hefner. The young beauty made such a huge impression on the old man, that he ordered that Smith’s photos would appear on the next issue of Playboy. After this exposure, Anna became one of the greatest modeling stars over a night. She was even describes as the next Marilyn Monroe! Despite this early success the further Anna’s career in modeling business did not go well. The curvy woman landed contracts with Guess jeans and Hennes & Mouritz, but most of the prominent fashion houses and designers did not show any interest in her. It is likely that the reason behind her failure in the realm of fashion was Anna Nicole Smith weight gain: designers are usually unwilling to see larger woman on catwalk, no matter how charming they are.
Although Smith did not manage to secure a place in fashion industry, she found some other ways to take care of herself. In 1993 the starlet divorced her first husband to get married to the oil tycoon J. Howard Marshall. At that time the owner of killer-curves was only 26 years old and her newly gained husband was 88. Due to this astonishing age difference most of the journalists and commentators guessed that the beauty has only agreed to marry Marshall hoping to inherit his fortunes. Needless to say, Anna has denied such claims. Her husband has died a year after their marriage, but Anna’s fight for inheritance was not particularly successful. Did the model actually mourn for the oil tycoon? Now that the scandalous model is also dead nobody can answer this question. But the people who knew her claimed that Anna Nicole Smith weight gain that became obvious in 1996 was the direct result of depression.

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Anna Nicole Smith weight gain

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