antidepressant without weight gain

antidepressant without weight gain

Every person who has no choice but to use this type of medication asks for antidepressant without weight gain. According to the psychologists and psychotherapists, this is one of the most common requirements they hear. It is not hard to understand why: if the person already suffers from mental problems, the last thing he needs is the decrease in self-confidence due to increased weight.
Unfortunately, the latest research and numerous overviews support the claim that antidepressants without weight gain is not invented yet. Most of the patients who started to use pills to increase their mood have eventually gained about 15 pounds. For those who have been skinny or even underweight before falling into depression this might be not much of a problem. However, for people who have struggled with weight for most of their lives and especially for those who have always had self-confidence issues this is a huge problem.
There are at least several reasons why antidepressants without weight gain could hardly exist. First of all, some kinds of medications have a direct effect on the body mass- they slow down the metabolism, while the others increase the appetite. This latter effect could be especially disturbing. We know a woman, who has followed a healthy lifestyle, chose only healthy food and exercised regularly, right until she turned 30 and was prescribed antidepressants. She did not claim that her weight just stared to increase without any apparent reason: that woman admitted that ever since she started using antidepressants she has been eating like crazy. She hated herself for that, but (quote) “just could not shut up that little voice in the head screaming: get cookies! Now get chips! Let’s go out and get some pasta! Now chocolates!”. Don’t misunderstand us, she did not become schizophrenic- the “voice in the head” is just a metaphor and I think that most of us can relate to that.
Some doctors note that there might be yet another reason why in reality antidepressants without weight gain seem to be impossible. As you might have noticed, while some people use food as a means to cope with all sorts of negative emotions (this is known as emotional eating), the others tend to loose appetite whenever they are stressed or sad. As these “emotional non-eaters” start using antidepressants and their mood improves, their appetite returns and hence the additional pounds.
The western medicine seems to be improving at the speed of light, thus it is not unreasonable to believe that one day antidepressants without weight gain will be invented. But until then the depressed people will have to find the other ways to cope with unnecessary pounds. Or make their peace with the fact that for some time they will be a little heavier than usually. After all, this is not an end of the world!

Antidepressant Without Weight Gain weight gain

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