Ariel Winter weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Ariel Winter weight gain?

For quite a while now, there has been a buzz around Ariel Winter weight gain. For those who do not recall this starlet, here are some reminders. Ariel made her television debut at the age of 6, appearing in a Cool Whip commercial. The following year she featured on one of the episodes of television series titled Listen Up!, which gave her a wider exposure. Following this Ariel featured in variety of TV shows, including, Bones, Tickle U, Monk, ER, Freddie. A real breakthrough in Ariel’s professional career came up in 2009, when she was hired to play a regular role on comedy series Modern Family.
In addition to her work on television, Winter has voiced a number of animated character and appeared in a few films, such as Speed Racer, Opposite Day, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Dures. In 2012 the talks about Ariel Winter weight gain were temporarily overshadowed by tens of positive articles, as the starlet was nominated for Young Artist Award as the Best Actress in a Motion Picture for her role in The Chaperone. As for today, Ariel is starring on Disney Junior’s show Sophie the First.
Ariel Winter weight gain process started earlier this year, when she moved out of her mother’s house and started living with her older sister. There is another scandalous story behind this move and if you ask our opinion, it is way more interesting then the recent Ariel’s physical transformation. If you believe the young starlet, she and her older sister had to fill a restraint order against their mother, because she was continuously abusing them both physically and mentally. According to the sisters, the evil mother was obsessive about keeping her younger daughter slim. Afraid that Winter’s weight might cost her a career in Hollywood and cut her out from the main source of income, the mother has kept her away from food.
Of course, in one of her recent interviews the woman has denied such accusations. According to her, the young starlet has made the whole story up with the help of her sister. The reason she did that was that her mother had tried to stop her from dating an 18-year-old and having sexual relationship with him ( if you have not known it yet, Ariel is still underage). Of course, there is no reliable way to say which of the ladies is telling the true. The story provided by Ariel sounds really sad, but what a teenager would not do to be with her first love? Despite such doubt’s, the recent Ariel Winter weight gain could be considered as one of proofs that fall on her side. It looks like while living with her mother the teenager actually was not allowed to eat as much as she wanted.

what are your thoughts on Ariel Winter weight gain story?

Ariel Winter weight gain

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