Ashley Benson weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Ashley Benson weight gain?

Quite recently, the tabloids have been preoccupied writing about Ashley Benson weight gain. Before we start talking about her figure, let us briefly remind you what this starlet has achieved in the professional sphere. Ashley started her acting career appearing in various commercials and soon made her television debut in an episode of Nikki. A breakthrough in Benson’s professional career came up in 2004, when a 15-year-old was cast for the role of Abigail Deveaux in cult television series Days of Our Lives. Following this the young actress has featured in variety of shows, including Zoey 101, 7th Heaven, The O.C., CSI Miami, Eastwick and Supernatual. However, what turned Ashley into a real television diva was the role in series Pretty Little Liars.
Those of you who have seen at least one episode of this teenage drama series are probably thinking that the talks about Ashley Benson weight gain are plucked out of the fin air. Sure, we totally agree that in this show the starlet looks as fin and fit as possible. In fact, millions of teenagers all over the world sweat in the gyms and follow the strictest diets in order to look like their diva. However, if you have watched the series closely, you must have noticed that for some time during the second season Benson has been a little bit heavier than she normally is. God forbid, we are not saying that the actress was fat or overweight! We are just noting that she has packed on a several additional pounds.
The reason behind Ashley Benson weight gain was pretty simple: she was asked to add some weight for the role in a movie Spring Breakers. The starlet revealed that the period before filming was full of misunderstandings. Knowing that during the shootings she will have to wear a bikini, Ashley spent weeks following a strict workout regime and dieting, trying to drop some pounds. Apparently, that was not what the producer of Spring Breakers wanted. As soon as slimmer version of Ashley appeared on the set, he looked at her and said that if she wants to keep the role, she will have to regain her curves. The actress admitted that she was a bit disappointed to learn that all her efforts were actually unnecessary.
However, it looks like Ashley Benson weight gain process was quite enjoyable. In one of her interviews the starlet revealed that she loves fast food, but normally tries to refrain from it for the sake of her figure. Before filming Spring Breakers everything was different: for once in her lifetime the actress enjoyed hamburgers, chicken nuggets and tacos without feeling guilty. As for 2013, Benson is already back in her normal weight.

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Ashley Benson weight gain

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