Ashley Judd weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Ashley Judd weight gain?

In the beginning of this year there was a huge buzz around Ashley Judd weight gain. Before we start digging into this topic, let us briefly remind you about the professional achievements that made this actress famous all over the world. Ashley started her career in movies appearing in television series Star Track: The Next Generation and went on to film for NBC show Sisters. In 1993 Judd landed her first critically acclaimed role in the movie Ruby in Paradise. Since then this starlet has appeared in variety of films, including Norma Jean and Marilyn, Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy, High Crimes, Where the Heart Is and Dolphin Tale. Ashley is also widely admired for her political activism and input in numerous humanitarian efforts.
Now let’s get back to the topic of Ashley Judd weight gain. Those who have seen this actress in her early roles know that at least in the 1990s her figure was perfect: slim and fit, yet feminine and curvy. In fact, the actress managed to maintain her killer-curves all through the 2000s. However in 2013 some of the internet bloggers have noticed that the actress has went through a sudden transformation. A whole tide of criticism directed towards Ashley has followed. Hundreds and maybe thousands of internet commentators called her names like “big fat cow”. Some of the critics suggested that the actress has not only packed on some unnecessary pounds, but also undergone a plastic face surgery.
The talks about Ashley Judd weight gain have deeply insulted her. In one of her recent interviews the actress has claimed that normally she does not even read the tabloids that dish about her. However, this time the articles were so impolite, some of her friends have encouraged her to read them and to give a response. What Ashley found the most hurtful, was claims that her physical transformation was the reason why her husband decided to leave her after more than 10 years of marriage. The actress has put such speculations to an end by writing an article all by herself. In the text which was republished by tens of internet bloggers the woman explained that she had actually gained some weight, but that was it: she did not have any plastic surgery. Plus, Judd noted that the divorce with her husband was based on mutual decision and had nothing to do with her looks.
But what was the reason behind her physical transformation? Was it simply her age and slowing metabolism that caused Ashley Judd weight gain? No, it looks like this was a result of both physical and mental problems. The actress has revealed that she was prescribed steroids and was not in the mood to exercise for more than half a year.

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Ashley Judd weight gain

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