Aubrey O’Day Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Aubrey O’Day weight gain?

Aubrey O’Day weight gain seems to cause her a lot of problems, she is really concerned about public opinion about her looks and when she was told that she has to lose 10 or 15 labels by her dance coach in her reality show, she even began to cry.
Aubrey O’Day weight gain is obvious for her and she admits that she does not weight 100 labels anymore. She openly admits that her weight makes her feel fat and that she does not want to look this way. She admits that she used to feel anorexic before and does not want to feel it again. Because she hated the fact that Aubrey always had to take care of her weight and look after it.
Aubrey O’Day weight gain does not seem sexy for her dance coach, because when she asked him is it not sexy to be a bit bigger and to have nice curves. His response shocked her and she got even more concerned about it, he told her that these curves are not sexy in the country that she lives in.
However Aubrey is beginning to be more confident about her body and herself in general after Aubrey O’Day weight gain. She has even talked with P Diddy after he fired her from the band that they have been creating, because she wanted to have all the fame for herself and use it in her benefit.
Aubrey O’Day weight gain did not stay with her for a long time; she has lost about 15 pounds since she was called fat by her coach. She does not seem to stop at this point and wants to lose even more in order to achieve her goals and look beautiful to herself and to others.
Aubrey has lost a lot of weight due to her changed lifestyle. She started to eat healthier food and to spend more time exercising. She works out four times a day doing different exercises with her personal trainer, starting from cardio and them moving to weight lifting. She also has lost some weight because of her time spend dancing and preparing for the release of her new album.
Many singers are supposed to make changes in their life when their new album is being released, but Aubrey O’Day weight gain was destroyed because she wanted to change her figure and she states that she likes to improve the version of herself which is healthier and happier.

what are your thoughts on Aubrey O’Day weight gain story?

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