Axl Rose weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Axl Rose weight gain?

If you have seen his photos taken a couple of years ago or more recently, you have to admit that Axl Rose weight gain is shocking. Before we start digging into this topic, let us remind you about the professional achievements of this legendary musician. Axl started his professional career in the early 1980s, after moving from his hometown, Lafayette, to Los Angeles. Soon the owner of powerful vocal became well known in the local rock scene and joined several groups, including L.A. Guns and Hollywood Rose. His ascendance to stardom started in 1985, when Axl and some of his colleagues founded a band Guns N’ Roses. Their debut album, titled Appetite for Destruction, reached the stores in 1987 and became a huge financial success. To this day, it has distributed over 28 million units worldwide. Before the formation of Guns N’ Roses, no other band or single artist has sold such an extraordinary amount of copies of their first album. The group’s follow-up records, Use Your Illusion I and II, were not any less successful. Together they sold over more than 35 million units.
The recent buzz around Axl Rose weight gain is not the first one that centers on his personal life. Three of Axl’s former loved ones have sued him for violence and abuse. The first one to press the charges was the model Stephanie Seymour, with whom he dated, lived and was engaged in the early 1990s. According to the woman, during one of their fights, that started when Axl decided to through a party in their common home despite her objections, Rose has hit and kicked her down the stairs. After testifying in Seymour’s case Erin Everly, his former life partner, decided to file her own law suit. She accused the musician of using both psychological and physical violence, including sexual battery. Following this case one more former Axl’s girlfriend, Gina Siler, has remembered about the past grievances. Settling all three disagreements out of court has cost Rose a solid amount of money.
Having discussed his personal and professional life, we can return to the topic of Axl Rose weight gain. His physical transformation was already obvious by 2009. However, his appearance that year did not match the way he looked in by 2011. The tide of criticism reached its peak-point in 2011, when Guns N’ Roses performed in Orlando. While thinking up the headlines for the articles that dished on Axl Rose weight gain the journalists and bloggers demonstrated both creativity and mercilessness. For example, one of the titles read “Sweet Pie of Mine”, making an allusion to the famed Rose’s song “Sweet Child of Mine” and mocking his physical transformation. That’s what you get for not taking care of your looks when you work in showbiz!

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Axl Rose weight gain

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