does biotin cause weight gain

does biotin cause weight gain?

It would be almost impossible to find the woman who sincerely does not care about the way she looks. Some of them might feel the need to make a regularly statement that inner beauty is way more important, but the truth is, every single person wants to looks as good as possible, at least as long as beauty does not came at the cost of health. As a means to achieve both of these goals (beauty and health) simultaneously, a lot of people choose to use various food supplements and vitamins. Unfortunately, in most cases the basic knowledge we have is not sufficient to make the wise choice. In this article we will aim to provide you with the essential information about the vitamin H, also known as biotin, and to answer the question does biotin cause weight gain. We decided this topic is worth attention after hearing and reading a few negative comments from the people who have recently started using biotin pills.
Before we turn to the question does biotin cause weight gain, let us tell you a little about the functions of this vitamin. For most people taking food supplements that contain biotin is not necessary, as this vitamin is produced by intestinal bacteria in amounts sufficient to our body’s daily requirements. Unfortunately, there is a wide range of metabolic disorders that can cause to biotin deficiency. This can lead to considerable health problems, as vitamin H plays an essential role in metabolism of amino acids and fat. Plus, biotin is vital for the health of our skin and hear, thus the lack of this vitamin can undermine their strength. There is also a wide agreement among scientists that biotin can help to maintain steady levels of sugar in human blood.
Having discussed the basic uses of this vitamin, we can proceed to the question does biotin cause weight gain. To start with, we must say that the scientific data, which would explain and prove the link between the use of biotin and increasing body mass is scarce. Quite to the contrary, there are scientists who claim that biotin can be used as food supplement for faster weight loss. According to them, vitamin H processes almost every kind of food we consume, including fat, protein and carbohydrates, thus the appropriate amount of biotin can speed up metabolism.
However, if you forget scientific researches and take the consumer reviews as the main point of reference, it looks like the answer to question does biotin cause weight gain is positive. Tens of disappointed women claim that this vitamin increases appetite, thus leading to overeating and deteriorating shape of body. So at the end of the day, it is up to you whether to believe scientists or people who have tried biotin by themselves.

does biotin cause weight gain

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