Carmella Bing Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Carmella Bing weight gain?

A famous porn star Carmella Bing weight gain looks attractive for some people and extreme for others. She got bigger during her pregnancies and openly talks about this. Carmella says that she does not miss her carrier as a porn star and that she loves her work as a mother and would not trade it into anything in this world.
Carmella Bing weight gain would not interfere in her coming back to doing porn movies, but she does not want to do it herself. Thus, she tells herself that she is a recovering sex addict, because she was used to it and misses it the most.
Former porn star reveals that she chose porn just to see how much further could she go in doing it and that she always liked to have sex. Even when Bing was a child she wanted to be a stripper and used to take her mother’s clothes and high heels and do stripping with them.
Carmella Bing weight gain does not change her life, she has plans for future, for example she is writing her cheesecake recipe book and is planning to go back home to visit her family after her recent divorce. However when asked if there is something that she regrets in her life she says that there are no regrets, but guilt of concealing her carrier from her family members in order not to have an uncomfortable conversation and to cause disappointment for them.
Further latter on Carmella reveals all the risks that you have to put up with in porn business. There are a lot of ways to ruin your health and get diseases and nobody cares for you, because everyone is just thinking about getting more money and themselves. Moreover it can be hard to forget all the scenes that you did, some were extreme, and move on. Thus, it can be hard to get into normal relationship because of what you used to play.
Carmela Bing weight gain is not the main issue that she has right now in her life and being happy about her body forms she stays confident with herself and moves on from being a famous porn star.

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Carmella Bing weight gain

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