Cerazette weight gain

Cerazette weight gain

This article is dedicated to discuss Cerazette weight gain, as well as some of the other cons of this pill. Needless to say, choosing the right means of contraception is especially important. First of all, it has to be as reliable as possible. It is hard to find the woman who would not love children, but if you are not in the period of your life were you can afford or want to raise a baby, you have got to make sure you don’t conceive. Although there are cases when abortion is the only possible solution, it can have both dangerous psychological and physical effects on the woman.
Of course, reliability is not the only thing you have to take into consideration when choosing birth control method. It also has to be convenient and have as little side effects as possible. Nowadays, when the range of options seem to be increasing every day, is impossible to know everything about every available means of birth control. As much as we would like to help you by providing all the necessary information on this topic, this is impossible for obvious reasons. Thus in this article we are going to concentrate on only one type of birth control: contraceptive pills called Cerazette. First we will talk about Cerazette weight gain, than point out the other side effects of this hormonal contraceptive pill.
There are a couple of factors that can help to explain Cerazette weight gain. First of all, it can cause water retention. As more water is held up in your organism, your face and some of the other parts of body might start looking a bit puffier. However, this side effect should not be responsible for the increase of weight greater than a pound. Plus, you can reduce it by cutting down on fizzy drinks, caffeine and taking HRi water tablets. Hover, many women who have used Cerazette claimed that what caused the changes in their bodies was not water retention, but increased appetite. Doctors also note that using hormonal contraceptive pills can lead to reoccurring mood swings. You might think that these two arguments are unrelated: as annoying as they are (not only for you, but also for the ones who have to stand you), mood swings have nothing to do with metabolism rates. However, there is a link between those two: in the longer term mood swings can really ruin your figure, because we often use food as a means to cope with depression and other negative emotions.
Cerazette weight gain is not the only possible side effects: these pills can also cause vaginal bleeding, pain, vaginal inflammation, cysts on the ovaries, loss of hair, fatigue, breasts’ sensitivity and loss of interest in sex.

Cerazette weight gain Cerazette weight gain

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