Cheryl Cole weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Cheryl Cole weight gain?

Over the last few years Cheryl Cole weight gain has been discussed in the media at least several times. But do you know how this young woman ascended to stardom? Her career in showbiz started in the early 2000s, when the talented 19-year-old entered British television show titled Popstars: The Rivals. Cheryl won the competition and was subsequently admitted to the band Girls Aloud, to which she belonged till the beginning of this year. During almost 10 years with the group, Cole has recorded more than 20 singles that entered top-ten charts, released six platinum albums and earned a number of prestigious awards. Simultaneously, Cole has built an impressive solo career. Her debut album, which featured such singles as “3 Words”, “Parachute” and “Fight for This Love”, hit United Kingdom charts at No. 1 and sold millions of copies. Since then the singer has released two more albums: Messy Little Raindrops and A Million Lights.
Those who have followed her professional career know that Cheryl Cole weight gain was never her problem. Quite to the contrary, the starlet was often criticized for looking too skinny and thus setting a wrong example for her teenage fans. In response to such criticism Cheryl claimed that looking fin is not among her goals. According to her, she just tries to avoid fast food and the rest of the job is done by her lifestyle. While preparing for Girls Aloud tours Cole spends a several hours every day rehearsing for the shows that include a lot of dancing. The starlet claims that when her schedule gets that intense, she just can’t keep the weight on.
Despite that, there was one time when Cheryl Cole weight gain was widely celebrated in the media. It was reported that during a couple of months in 2011 the starlet has packed on 7 pounds. The transformation happened when the singers was getting some rest after the tour. Cole revealed that during that period she was spending most of the time at home, reading, watching television and cooking. If some other starlet or any ordinary woman would gain 7 pounds in such a short period, they would probably get concerned and resort to some diet. However, that was not Cheryl’s reaction. The singer claimed that with that additional weight she felt more attractive than ever. She complained that when her weight starts dropping, the first thing she loses is her boobs. Needless to say, this is not what a woman expects when she goes on a diet.
As for 2013, the starlet looks as skinny as ever again. However, it looks like soon we will be witnessing Cheryl Cole weight gain once again. In one of her recent interviews this singer revealed she is not satisfied with her currently bony body.

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Cheryl Cole weight gain

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