Chris Pratt Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Chris Pratt weight gain?

Chris Pratt weight gain had to happen because of his new role as a lawyer in an upcoming comedy series Starbuck. He had to gain a lot in order to fulfill his character expectations. The comedy focus on the main character that finds out that he has 533 children due to his sperm donation.
He states himself that Chris Pratt weight gain happened during six and a half months, he has gained over 60 pounds. When he is asked how he done it, the answer is simple and honest, by eating and drinking everything that he could. He ate a lot and drank a lot. He states that it is not easy to gain weight, because you know how hard it is going to be to lose it.
Chris Pratt weight gain continued to happen while he was shooting season 5 for Parks and Recreation. He said that it is hard to see ice-cream all around you and not to have any. He claimed that people talked about him having 81 scoops of ice-cream, but it was too hard to resist, he also states that he has eaten a lot of different food during his life and tasted strange things. He says that there were some that he liked, but also some that he did not like, for example possum.
However there came a time when Chris Pratt weight gain had to be lost, because of his new role in a movie where he plays a Navy Seal that captured and killed Osama. Chris states that it was really hard to achieve a better body shape than he was.
Then a hard course of training took place in order to burn al the Chris Pratt weight gain. He began to have difficult workouts and eat different food than he was used to have in order to gain it. Finally he even had the chance to meet real SEAL team guys. Chris states that he was extremely nervous when the time came to meet them, because he really did not know how they are going to be. He states that they are strong and confident and that they do not have to prove it for anyone. Chris Pratt weight gain happened because of a role and was destroyed because of another role. He is happy about his body at the moment but no one knows maybe he will have to gain weight again for another role.

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Chris Pratt weight gain Chris Pratt weight gain Chris Pratt weight gain

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