Christian Bale Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Christian Bale weight gain?

Christian Bale weight gain and loss is always happening in his life due to different movie roles that he gets. This famous actor is popular not only because of his roles that he takes up, that are quite hard to make, but also because of his ability to control his weight and lose it or gain it when needed.
Christian Bale weight gain had to happen after one of his famous roles as Trevor Reznik in the Machinist, because due to the role he had to be slim and look sick and so he made it. He lost so much of weight because he went on barely sleeping and just smoking cigarettes and drinking coffee. The result was drastic and it was supposed to be like this.
For his new role in a movie Christian Bale weight gain was inevitably going to happen, because his character is supposed to have a belly and be chubby. Christian also had to do a really ridiculous thing with his hair; he had to make them the way that bald people do, because the action of this movie takes place in 60s.
Christian Bale weight gain after machinist was achieved by him eating pizzas and having ice-cream that he could finally enjoy after his ridiculous cigarette diet. He claims that doctors told him to take it slowly but Christian Bale weight gain had to happen fast so he got out of the way a little bit, because when he ate he did it by heard. Christian was sitting and having five meals a time and his stomach got bigger soon.
However his health was not so good when he took up this weight gaining idea. He says that once a while he would get sick because of all the food that he consumed, but this did not bother him at all, because he wanted to enjoy all the meals that he could.
Further, after Christian Bale weight gain for his new role he might have to take up drastic cautions again in order to lose what he has gained, because his next character is supposed to be small again. He is planning to play Moses in Ridley Scott’s movie. So it might be the only way to starve again in order to lose weight so quickly. Christian Bale weight gain and loss might be not so good for his health in the future but at the moment he is confident about himself and knows that he can achieve anything.

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