Christina Hendricks Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Christina Hendricks weight gain?

Christina Hendricks weight gain makes her feel sexy and she is not confused by it at all. She states that she likes her new looks and is happy about it even though the biggest part of women in the world would not be content if they gain even a pound, she seems absolutely confident about herself and does not want to change a thing in her body and appearance.
Christina got famous because of her role in television series Mad Men and she has been struggling with her weight throughout her entire carrier in show nosiness. She states that she does not want to be Hollywood slim and that other stars that are obsessed with this idea and are not happy about their looks are not like her. She is content with her body in every situation that it has experienced.
Christina Hendricks weight gain did not bother her, because as she states herself her mother did a good job while raising her and making her understand that a person should love their body the way that it is and no one should want to change it.
She admits that living in Italy due to her modeling carrier changed her life. Christina Hendricks weight gain happened because she admits that she used to have cappuccinos and eat pasta every day and she loved this way of life, she was having the time of her life and fell in love with her changed body.
Christina Hendricks weight gain made her understand how feminine does she look with her extra pounds showing and she loved to take her clothes of and look in the mirror and admire herself thinking how lovely does she look.
But now Christina Hendricks weight gain is lost due to her determination to work out and try to be healthier. She admits that her parents did not do any kind of exercise so it was hard for her to start. She states that she likes to read magazines during her workouts in order to make it more fun and she keeps to a strict routine.
Christina Hendricks weight gain is not going to happen again anytime soon if she keeps up the good work doing her exercises. She states that she likes salty and creamy foods and enjoys them when she can. Thus, she says that together with her husband they try to have healthy snacks like they make a big pot of soup and keep it in the fridge when they feel like they want to have a snack.

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