coffee and weight gain

In this article we are going to discuss the links between coffee and weight gain. From the first sight it might seem that these two things actually have nothing in common. The coffee itself does not contain calories, thus at least as long as you drink it without milk, cream and sugar, it should not have any effects on your weight. This is way even the women whose greatest fear is getting fat usually allow themselves the pleasure to drink coffee. Even though they avoid having a piece of chocolate or croissant next to it, as we do.
In fact, not so long ago it was even believed that the link between the use of coffee and weight gain is negative! The scientific research which was carried a several years ago with the mice showed that the rodents that were given an amount of coffee equivalent of 5-6 cups gained less weight and even faced reduced risk of type 2 diabetes. After the results of this research have reached the public, a lot of women started drinking coffee after every meal or even more often, hoping this would prevent the calories from being stored as fat. These ladies were so convinced that coffee and weight gain are two incompatible things, they did not even care about the warnings that the extensive amounts of this drink increase the risk of heart attacks and variety of other diseases!
To the greatest disappointment to these women who thought they found an easy and even pleasant way to get rid of extra pounds, the latest research shows that the link between coffee and weight gain is in fact positive. The scholars made an experiment similar to the one that was carried earlier, but this time controlled for some external influences and avoided other mistakes. The research revealed that not only caffeine does not help to melt fat, 5-6 cups per day could increase the amount of fat stored at abdomen. Not breasts, not hips, but abdomen or to put it another way, were we need it least. Following this research numerous nutritionists and bloggers have warned their readers to drop the thought about buying (or quit buying) such weight loss food supplements as green caffeine beans. This might be the bad news for the industry, but it will definitely be healthy for those who have been draining their wallets on these pills.
The fact that 5-6 daily cups of coffee and weight gain seems to be closely related does not mean you should throw out all of your coffee supplies right away. All you have to do is control your coffee intake or in other words, avoid drinking more than 2-3 cups per day!

coffee and weight gain coffee and weight gain

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