Coleen Nolan weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Coleen Nolan weight gain?

After all the trouble this celebrity had to go through while trying to get rid of unnecessary pounds in 2007-2008, Coleen Nolan weight gain is obvious once again. Before we start discussing this topic in a greater detail, let’s take a few minutes to remember how this chubby lady became famous all over Britain. Coleen first gained prominence at the age 15, performing alongside her older sisters in the band The Nolans. The girls ascended to stardom in the late 1970s, after successful performance in Eurovision selection contest. Following this they released self-titled album which climbed to position No.15 in the United States and enjoyed considerable commercial success in some other countries. Although at that time Coleen was not official member of the group yet, the photos of adorable 15-year-old graced on the covers of the album.
Of course, her brief success in the 1980s pop scene and the recent Coleen Nolan weight gain are not the only reasons this woman deserves media attention. In the late 1990s the witty 34-year-old started hosting popular British television show The Morning. In 2000 Nolan started working on yet another show, Lose woman. She remained the panelist on this program for more than ten years, simultaneously appearing on The Alan Titchmarsh show on Friday evenings. In addition to this Coleen made guest appearances in the widest range of programs, including Never Mind the Buzzcocks, An Audience with Brian Conley, Celebrity Fit Club, The Wright Stuff , Have I Been Here Before?, The Sharon Osbourne Show and ten days later was a guest on the Irish chat show, broadcast and produced by RTÉ, The Podge and Rodge Show and All Star Family Fortunes.
The process of Coleen Nolan weight gain started quite early in her career. Her figure has noticeably changed after giving birth for two sons, Shane Roche Jr. and Jake Roche. Coleen and Shane Patrick Roche, English comedian, actor and the father of her boys, got married in 1990. The couple separated after seven years of marriage, when the younger of their sons was only 5 years old. According to Nolan, eventually she has made her piece with her ballooning figure and learned to love her body even when she was at her heaviest, barely able to fit into size 20.
However, in 2007 the woman came to realization that if she does not change her lifestyle, eventually her overweight might lead to serious health problems. Following this Colleen has spent a year trying out various weight loss techniques, diets and workout programs, until she got rid of 70 pounds. The starlet has managed to remain size 10 for three years. Unfortunately, by the end of 2011 the pictures evidenced a considerable Coleen Nolan weight gain.

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Coleen Nolan weight gain Coleen Nolan weight gain

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