Derek Jeter weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Derek Jeter weight gain?

In the late 2012 the internet was flooded with articles dishing about Derek Jeter weight gain. For those who do not know much about this guy, here is a short overview of his career. The famed baseball player was drafted by New York Yankees right after he graduated from high school. Three years later he became the Yankees’ starting shortstop and was announced the Rookie of the Year. During his tenure with Yankees, which lasted for 18 seasons, Derek won a greater number of accolades than most professional athletes could dream. He became five times World Series Champion, entered MLP All-Star thirteen times and achieved New York Yankees career hits record. Since 2003 this player has also served as the captain of the legendary baseball team.
Despite these achievements, what interested media the most was not his professional career (and not even Derek Jeter weight gain), but his personal relationships. One of his first and arguably the most publicized relationships after being drafted by New York Yankees was with celebrated pop singer Mariah Carey. Among his other famous ex-girlfriends are the winner of Miss Universe Lara Dutta, actress Jordana Brewster, singer Joy Enriquez, Vanessa Minnillo and two more movie stars, Minika Kelly and Jessica Biel (who is currently married to Justin Timberlake).
For many years Derek Jeter weight gain was hardly possible because of his intensive training schedule. Even though the athlete has never done a good job avoiding fast food and alcohol, all the calories he consumed used to get burned during the game. As Yankees starting shortstop Derek used to spend hours both in the gym and the baseball field. So what events have led to his physical transformation in 2012? During the ALCS game against Detroit Tigers Derek has fractured his left ankle. The fatal fall happened while Jeter was reaching for a ground ball. Following this trauma Derek was forced to put his career on hold. Initially he was expected to recover in five months after the surgery, but the healing process has actually taken much longer.
While rehabilitating, the athlete has suffered small crack in the area of his previous trauma. As a result, in the beginning of 2013’s season Derek was still on the disabled list, where he remains to this day. In situation like this, Derek Jeter weight gain is completely understandable. The injury has restricted his abilities to exercise and the less active life resulted in his physical transformation. The fact that the former Yankees’ star has packed on a considerable amount of extra weight became obvious back in the autumn of the previous year. The photos that were published recently clearly show that Derek has developed a solid paunch, just like any “ordinary” man.

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Derek Jeter weight gain

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