Elisabeth Moss Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Elisabeth Moss weight gain?

Elisabeth Moss weigh gain is not particularly hers, but it is a fake thing, because of her role in television series Mad Men. Elisabeth Moss plays a role of a young and quiet secretary in Mad Men.
Elisabeth Moss weight gain had to happen because of the changes in her life as Peggy. She likes to act in television series Mad Men and states that it is like nothing she has ever done before, because this TV series is unique. She states that the script of Mad Men was so good that everyone who were offered the roles took then basically because of it.
The script was written by Matthew Weiner and it is about 60s, so nobody cares about these times and they are not supposed to be interesting. Also the script writer has never done anything before in his carrier, because he was a producer. The television which showed this series was not known for many people and there were no stars on the show also they did not advertise it a lot.
Elisabeth Moss weight gain as a character seems understandable because she has auditioned two times in order to make it into Mad Men. She states herself that she just felt that the role of Peggy suits her perfectly and that she wants to do it and can do it. However in real life Elisabeth looks completely different than her character she looks nice, has different color hair and is slim, stylish and dressed well. Her character, Peggy, is completely different; she does not wear clothes that are fashionable, her hair look terrible and her dresses awful. So what happened in the series that Peggy had to change?
During the course of Mad Men Peggy began to be bigger and bigger, her weight gain was obvious and no one knew the reason for it. And the reason is very simple. Elisabeth Moss weight gain as Peggy happened, because she was pregnant without herself understanding this and no one from the characters knew about it either until it became obvious that she is pregnant.
Elisabeth had to go through a lot in order to make Elisabeth Moss weight gain happen. She had to put up make up and wear a suit in order to look fat. The only thing that she is happy about is that she did not have to put weight on herself, just on the set, because gaining would be easy, losing it would be hard.

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Elisabeth Moss weight gain Elisabeth Moss weight gain Elisabeth Moss weight gain

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