Elizabeth Perkins weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Elizabeth Perkins weight gain?

Yes, Elizabeth Perkins weight gain is already obvious for the naked eye. You are wondering who this lady is and how did she deserve our attention? Elizabeth’s acting career took off in the mid 1980s, after she appeared in the movies “About Last Night…” and “Big”. In 1986 she was listed among the “Most Promising Actors”. Her first widely critically acclaimed role was in Avalon, the movie directed by Barry Levinson. Since then Elizabeth has featured in variety of movies, including The Doctor, Indian Summer, Moonlight and Valentino, I’m Losing You, From the Earth to the Moon, 28 Days, Try Seventeen, The Ring Two, Fierce People, Must Love Dogs and Hop. However, to this day she is best known for the portrayal of Celia Hodes in cult television series Weeds. This role has garnered Elizabeth a solid number of prestigious nominations, including the ones for Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, Satellite and Screen Actors Guild Awards.
If you have watched Weeds since the beginning of the first season, you know that when its first episode premiered on television, Elizabeth was slim and fit. In fact, her fans and journalists used to ask how does she manage to maintain such a great figure in her forties. However, as the time passed, Elizabeth Perkins weight gain became more and more obvious. At first, most of her fans simply assumed that the starlet has started packing on pounds because of her age. As we all know, as people get older, their metabolism tends to slow down. That means that in order to maintain the same body mass the person has to start eating less and exercising more. This might sound as an easy solution, but changing your lifestyle when you have already reached a middle age is a tremendous task. Thousands of women to not manage to cope with this problem, thus it seemed quite logical to assume that Elizabeth is one of them.
However, the reason behind Elizabeth Perkins weight gain was different: the woman was diagnosed with diabetes. At first the illness resulted in a sudden weight loss. In one of her recent interviews the actress revealed that she has been feeling sick for months before hearing the diagnoses. She was constantly feeling tired, experienced blurred vision, headaches and lost appetite. After learning about her disease Elizabeth had to introduce some serious changes into her lifestyle. Cutting sugar and sweets was not enough: the starlet had to change her diet almost completely. Today she can’t even use starch, because the body breaks this product into sugar. While she was following an extremely healthy diet, Elizabeth Perkins weight gain resulted from the use of insulin. Although the actress tries to reduce the doses to minimal level, it still has effects on her body.

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Elizabeth Perkins weight gain

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