Gemma Ward Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Gemma Ward weight gain?

Gemma Ward weight gain might get in the way for her to come back to modeling again. She used to be a famous model since 1 4 years old when she was 16 she started to pose for Vogue magazine and appeared on more than twenty covers.
Gemma took a couple of year of from being model after the death of Heath Ledger, who she was dating with before he passed away. She said that she needed to take a break from the spotlight or maybe she just wanted to rest from the fame and the fact that she had a lot of public attention on her. Moreover, a lot of attention was paid to Gemma Ward weight gain which she could not appreciate. One editor even told that he could not recognize her because of all the extra weight that she has gained.
Gemma Ward weight gain was like her rebellion to the industry itself, she gained from ten to fifteen pounds and she was rebelling to put on from 30 to 40 pounds so her coming back as a model may be difficult. It may be hard to loose these extra pounds.
Thus, when she was popular Gemma did some roles in a couple of movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides and The Ugly One. Role in The Ugly One opened her doors to Australian Harper’s Bazaar supplement cover and now she wants to get back into Australian market and continue her carrier despite the fact that she has not worked in Australia for a long time. Moreover, Gemma’s personal page is only with the pictures that she took when she was skinnier; the ones where her bigger body shapes are excluded. So even if she likes her new forms they are being hidden away from her fans.
Gemma signed a contract with IMG Australia, but it is not clear for what sizes is it normal or plus size. Gemma Ward weight gain, although being just some kind of protest against market of modeling may get in her way in becoming a famous model again, because people might not like her new looks and be disappointed about the fact that she cannot lose any weight.

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Gemma Ward weight gain Gemma Ward weight gain Gemma Ward weight gain

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