George Eads Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of George Eads weight gain?

George Eads weight gain might seem too big for some people, but many say that it fits him and he looks even better. In his early stages of the carrier George has even released a book how to keep you figure in good shape, he used to work out a lot and keep his body fit in order to look god in his role in the television series CSI. So what has happened that this body shape had made changes and he does not care to work out more?
George Eads weight gain could be happening because of his old trauma that the doctors found not so long ago. He states that in 1990s he has suffered a back trauma during a basketball game, but could not go to the hospital because his insurance was not properly fixed so he refused to go to the doctors.
George Eads weight gain happened because of his back pain that he could not reduce, so his workout program was not as active as it used to be before the pain started, so finally he decided to visit doctors and they told that he has a severe back injury that was extremely bad news.
However, when his back problem was detected, the doctors fixed it by putting five screws in his back during an operation, and his health state improved noticeably. And he could get back to his forms if he wants to.
George Eads weight gain seems to cause negative public emotions, because when female actresses gain weight they are like under the magnifying glass most of the time and newspapers want to know what happened, when it comes to men gaining weight no one dares to ask them how did this happen. Even though he looks sexy with his new looks, still his weight gain is to obvious not to notice it.
George Eads weight gain is also caused by the fact that he has quit smoking and due to this his wish to eat more is understandable. People who quit smoking have their weight problems at first but it is possible to fix them latter when they are sure that they will not want to smoke if they stop eating so much.
George Eads weight gain still looks sexy on him and a lot of his female fans consider him one of the sexiest television personas and love the way that he looks now with some extra pounds.

what are your thoughts on George Eads weight gain story?

George Eads weight gain George Eads weight gain

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