Gina Carano weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Gina Carano weight gain?

Recently, there has been some buzz around Gina Carano weight gain. For those who do not know much about this starlet, here is some information on her professional achievements. Carina ascended to stardom as a mixed martial artist and eventually was ranked as the third best 145lbs fighter in the world. Due to her innate charm and communication skills she was named “Face of Woman’s MMA” and was ranked among “Top ten Influential Woman of 2008”.
After establishing herself as one of the greatest female mixed martial artists Gina ventured into the showbiz. In 2008 she started featuring on television series American Gladiator. Since the retirement from professional fighting, Carina has dedicated most of her time to pursue a career in acting. In the early 2010s she landed a role on action-thriller movie Haywire. Following this breakthrough performance she starred in 2013’s blockbuster Fast & Furious 6. Although her acting career started quite recently, Gina already holds a number of prestigious nominations, including the one for 18th Critics Choice Awards.
Having discussed her professional achievements we can return to the topic of Gina Carano weight gain. As we have already mentioned, during most of her professional career as a mixed martial artist Gina weighed around 140-150lbs, standing 5’3 foot tall. Although this is a bit more than one would expect from the women her height, as for the professional MMA fighter, her weight was completely normal. In fact, Carano has even worked as a fitness model: her body decorated the covers of numerous magazines and appeared in television commercials. Her fit and toned body was an ideal for thousands of woman who were struggling with overweight or had self-confidence issues due to their flabby bodies.
Although her fans were already used to witnessing Gina Carano weight gain and loss as she went through different stages of training, for most of them the transformation that took place during the 2008 was pretty shocking. That time Gina has packed on up to 20 pounds within half a year. Soon the audience learned that the starlet had to gain some additional weight in preparation for the show American Gladiator. Her contract stated that in these series Carano has to look thick and she did what she had to in order to fulfill the terms of agreement.
The actress has shed a considerable amount of pounds after she stopped filming for American Gladiator. However, soon enough Gina Carano weight gain was the topic of heated discussions once again. There is no wonder the actress finds it pretty hard to stay in shape after she retired from MMA. As a mixed martial artist, Gina used to spend hours sweating in the gym and training in the ring. Now that her workout schedule is less intensive, the starlet will have to introduce some changes in her diet in order to stop piling on pounds.

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Gina Carano weight gain

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