Heidi Montag weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Heidi Montag weight gain?

By mid-2011 Heidi Montag weight gain was obvious. The starlet admitted that around that period she weighed 130 pounds. Before we start digging deeper, let us briefly remind you how this young woman became famous all over America. Heidi gained prominence in 2006, when she joined the cast of popular reality television series, titled The Hills. The show followed professional and personal lives of four girls: Heidi, Lauren Conrad, Audrina Patridge and Whitney Port. During the filming period Montag has briefly tried to come closer to her dream of becoming a clothes designer by entering Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. However, her enthusiasm to study has faded away by the end of the same year.
Those who had followed The Hills were more than surprised to witness Heidi Montag weight gain. The young women seemed so obsessed with her looks, it was hard to believe she would ever allow herself to get out of shape. However, this is exactly what happened. Although even at her heaviest the starlet looked quite quit, her body was pretty flabby. So what were the reasons behind Heidi Montag weight gain? We could name a couple of them. First of all, she got married. You might think this is unrelated, but in fact most women gain some weight after settling in a comfortable relationship.
Montag and her husband, Spencer, met while she was filming for The Hills and started dating right away. Eventually their relationship brought an end to Heidi’s friendship with Lauren Conrad, who was her best friend at the time. However, the starlet has no regrets: although she lost a friend, she “won” a husband. In 2011 Heidi has been cited saying that one of her greatest pleasures is sitting at home with her husband, eating pie. Enjoying nice meals in a company of your loved one does seem like a sweet way to spend an evening or two, but when it turns into the lifestyle, you have to say goodbye for the bikini-body.
Another reason behind Heidi Montag weight gain was plastic surgeries she has undergone. As you might already know, this young woman has committed herself for ten of them. Among the procedures were chin reduction, eyebrow’s lift, liposuction and breast augmentation. After the massive physical intervention into her body, the starlet had to take some time out of the gym in order to heal. Heidi Montag weight gain is not the only unwelcome result of surgeries she has undergone. Today the young woman has plenty of scars that remind her of her youth mistakes. As Montag has revealed in one of her recent interviews, sometimes the marks left by the scalpel make her feel like Edward Scissorhand.

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Heidi Montag weight gain

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