Hillary Scott weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Hillary Scott weight gain?

You not the only one who noticed Hillary Scott weight gain. The starlet has been getting bigger and bigger since the last year. Before we get back to this topic, let us briefly remind you about her professional achievements. Hillary’s path to the stage started right after she graduated from high school. For some time the talented teenager has worked with famed singer and songwriter Victoria Show. Although this job gave her a lot of valuable experience, the early period of her career was full of disappointments. The young singer did not interest any major labels and her efforts to get into reality show American Idol were fruitless. A breakthrough in her professional career came up in the mid-2000s, after Scott formed a band currently known as Lady Antebellum. The country music band consisted of Hillary and two backup singers, Dave Haywood and Charles Kelly. Lady Antebellum debut single, titled “Love Don’t Live Here”, was released in 2007 and entered Billboard Hot Country Songs chart right away. Hillary and her band has remained among the most popular country musicians ever since.
But enough about her career, let’s get back to the topic of Hillary Scott weight gain. The singer’s transformation was already noticeable last year, when she appeared in Grammy’s ceremony. At first most of her fans assumed that as many women, Hillary just started gaining weight after the marriage. She and her current husband, Chris Tyrrell, met back in college and started dating a few years after graduation. The two have renewed their relationship after they both served as opening artists on Tim McGraw’s tour. Following this Chris joined Hillary’s band as a drummer. The lucky couple got married in 2012, thus the assumption that Hillary Scott weight gain is somehow connected with her marriage seemed quite logical.
As the time went by, it became clear that Hillary’s wedding and her physical transformation were in fact indirectly related. Appearantly, 27-year-old is expecting her first baby. According to the doctors, during pregnancy a woman who used to be of average weight should gain 25-25 pounds. The ladies who used to be extremely skinny are supposed to gain up to 45 pounds. Judging from her pregnancy photos, Hillary has never reached this limit. She gave birth to the charming daughter this July. The newly-baked parents have decided to give their daughter an original name: Eisele (pronounced eyes-lee) Kaye. The whole family has recently moved to live in Brentwood, where they pursued 6-bedroom house with a pool. As for today, Hillary Scott weight gain is barely noticeable: the singer is getting back to shape pretty fast. We are sure that the several extra pounds she still carries will melt away when she returns to the stage.

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Hillary Scott weight gain

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