James Roday weight gain

So, what are the reasons of James Roday weight gain?

So if you landed on this article you have probably noticed James Roday weight gain too. However, I suspect there are at least some people who does not even have a clue what the hell Roday is, but simply assumed that one more Hollywood actor went from hotty to fatty and well… Sometimes it is just nice to know that such demons as excessive pounds exist even in the realm of celebrities. For those of you who belong to this later group of people, here is some information on James career. Those who already know about this actor everything, including the size of his shoes, but the reasons behind his recent transformation can skip the following paragraph and go straight to the third one, where we where we start talking about the reason behind James Roday weight gain.
Although James is not only an actor, but also a television director and screenwriter, to this day he is best known for his role in Psych. Shawn Spencer, his character in these television series, works for the local police department as a crime consultant. Although the only talents that allow him to solve crimes faster than anybody else is sharp mind and observation skills, Spencer finds the ways to make his life more interesting: he pretends to have supernatural abilities that allow him to see the fragments of the past and to “feel” what has actually happened.
Having this said we can get to our main topic, James Roday weight gain. The changes in his body became apparent in 2009, when the third season of Psych started airing on USA Network. At first the fans of this charming actor felt a little confused: they knew that Roday looks different than he used to, but they couldn’t answer the question what exactly has changed . Some have guessed that maybe the actor remains as fit and toned as he used to and his bulkier looks is just an illusion caused by his new beard (ok, “new” might be not the perfect word, because up to the third season he did not have one at all). The others claimed that it must be his new wardrobe that makes him look a little older and chubbier.
However, after a several more episodes even his greatest defenders had to admit that the actor did in fact get a little bit chubbier. Although there have been some speculations that he was asked to gain weight for the role, it is much more likely that the reasons behind James Roday weight gain was not related to his professional career. Those who know him personally claim that the actor simply lost control of his calorie intake and reduces the time spent in the gym. We hope James will get back on track before he loses his charm!

what are your thoughts on James Roday weight gain story?

James Roday weight gain

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