Jamie Bamber weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jamie Bamber weight gain?

In the mid 2000s there has been a huge buzz around Jamie Bamber weight gain. Before we start digging into this topic, let us briefly remind you how this actor ascended to stardom. Jamie landed his first prominent role in the late 1990s, as he was cast as Archie Kennedy for Hornblower (The Even Chance, The Duchess and the devil and The Frogs and the Lobsters). Following this Bamber went on to star in variety of television movies and series, including The Scarlet Pimpernel, Lady Audley’s Secret, Peak Practice, Band of Brother, Hornblower: Retribution, Ultimate Force and Daniel Deronda. In the early 2000s Jamie landed one of the most important roles in his career: he was cast as Lee “Apollo” Adama for the movie Battleship Galactica, which consisted of two parts. Following the success of this film Jamie began starring in the television series of the same name.
Those who have followed his professional career since the beginning know that Jamie Bamber weight gain was never among his problems. In facts, thousands of female fans all over the world adored this actor not for his talents, but for his fit and masculine body. “Fit and masculine” also describes Jamie’s looks during the first season of Battleship Galactica television series. However, towards the end of the second season the series’ followers were shocked by the sudden transformation of his character. In the last few episodes Lee looked nothing like he used to: he was round-faced and seemed to have developed a solid paunch. At first, some of Battleship Galactica fans and internet commentators assumed that in order to make his character look this realistic the actor was asked to pack on a considerable amount of pounds.
However, it soon became clear that Jamie Bamber weight gain was only an illusion created by makeup artists. In one of his interviews the actor revealed that in order to make Lee look like a man who has a considerable overweight he had to put on a prosthetic face and even wear artificial pregnancy belly under his uniform. One funny fact: this was the same belly that was used to fake Grace Park’s pregnancy. When the journalists asked whether Jamie would have agreed to pack on the additional weight for real, he did not even take a minute before saying a firm “yes”. However, the actual Jamie Bamber weight gain was not only unnecessary, it would have made further filming impossible. That is because in Battleship Galactica his character often has flashbacks. This means that from time to time the actor has to portray the old, fit and muscular Lee. However, the actor stated that if there comes a time when he has to actually get fat in order to make his character more realistic, he will do that without a doubt.

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Jamie Bamber weight gain

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