Jamie Oliver weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jamie Oliver weight gain?

In spring of the previous year there was quite a huge buzz around Jamie Oliver weight gain. To be more exact, the scandal centered on his response to the criticism. We will discuss this topic in greater detail, but before we do, let us briefly remind you how this father of four children ascended to stardom.
After graduation from Westminster Kingsway College and earning City & Guilds Vocational Qualification in the field of home economics, Oliver landed his first job at Neal’s Yard restaurant as a pastry chef. Following this he moved to Fulham and became a sous chef at The River Café. He was still working there when BBC producers noticed Jamie talking on the documentary “Christmas at the Rive Café” and offered him to host the show on their channel. The Naked Chef, that was the name of the program, turned Oliver into an A-list star on British television. Following this he landed $2 million deal with Sainsbury’s and started hosting television series Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution.
Back in the day when this later show premiered on ABC it was hard to believe that there will ever come a day when Britain witness Jamie Oliver weight gain. In fact, the celebrity devoted much of his time for raising public awareness about the dangers brought about by the fast food culture. This chef promoted healthy food in variety of his shows, from Oliver’s Twist, Jamie’s School Dinners and Jamie at home, to Jamie Oliver’s Food Escape, Jamie’s Fish Supper and Jamie and Jimmy’s Food Fight Club.
Despite his numerous attempts to address the problem of obesity, it looks like the star has been recently getting a little overweight himself. The topic of Jamie Oliver weight gain was briefly touched during his interview for A&Q. Although the reporter and Jamie have only exchanged a couple of phrases on the subject, we believe this piece of dialog is worth quoting. When the female journalist asked if he has recently piled on a several extra pounds, Jamie answered: “I don’t know. I’m very healthy. (…) Are you from a tabloid? Thank you for noticing, b****”. Although it is hard to believe that the witty and lovable Oliver has tried to insult the reporter on purpose, we have to admit that his response was inadequate, to put it mildly.
In our opinion, his outburst during an interview clearly indicates that Jamie Oliver weight gain does bother him and we can definitely relate to his feelings. It is hard to keep your emotions under control when you try your best to stay in shape and still get criticized.

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what are your thoughts on Jamie Oliver weight gain story?

Jamie Oliver weight gain

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