January Jones Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of January Jones weight gain?

January Jones weight gain happened in order to play the role of Betty Draper in TV series Mad Men. The actress was never as large as her role in this series, so they used a fat suit to make her bigger in order to make the role of Betty Draper suit Season five of Mad Men.
The main reason that January Jones Weight gain happened, although just in her role, is that Betty Draper divorced with her second husband and gained weight because she was unhappy and bored. The makeup artist had to put in effort in making her bigger, just as they did before with Elizabeth Moss, because her character also gained weight.
January Jones weight gain has an interesting history in the TV series, because Betty Draper used to be fat as a child, but when her mother started to look after her eating habits she became slim as a model. Now, when Betty gained weight again she feels shame over it.
Mad Men will be interesting to watch and learn how Betty, the role of January Jones will cope with her weight gain and loss. There are difficulties in playing a bigger women in TV series than you are in life, because when scenes when Betty goes out if the shower happens an understudy has to take her part. But they manage in doing this.
In real life January Jones weight gain happened when she was pregnant, but it was not so big. She did not gain a lot of weight and came back to her original forms quite quickly. Thus, the way that she did this may seem extreme, she ingested her own placenta and she advices for women to try this before they are disgust by it, because it gave great result for the actor.
January Jones weight gain in real life was not disturbing, because of her pregnancy and she fixed it quickly, putting all the effort that she could, but in TV series Man Men Betty’s figure will stay fuller for some time although it is not real. In order to find out what will happen and if Betty will lose weight and how she will do it watch Season five of Mad Men.

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