Jenna Fischer weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jenna Fischer weight gain?

Over the previous year, there have been tens of articles discussing Jenna Fischer weight gain. For those who do not know much about this American actress, let us briefly remind you about her professional achievements. Jenna started her professional career in 1998, appearing as Wendy Miller on the little known movie Born Champion. During the following few years the young actress has featured in a few independent films, including, Lucky 13 as well as Employee of the Month, and landed minor roles in variety of television series, such as That 70s Show, Six Feet Under, Miss Match, Cold Case, What I Like About You, Off Centre, Undeclared and Strong Medicine. In the mid-2000s, long before Jenna Fischer weight gain raised popular curiosity, she directed and starred in her own mocumentary titled LolliLove.
A real breakthrough in Fischer’s professional career came up in 2005, as she was cast for American remake of hit television series The Office. In this show the actress portrayed Pam Beesly, the modest and shy office administrator who is slowly falling in love with her colleague. In one of her interviews she revealed that the character of Pam was especially close and dear to her, as before starting her career in movie industry Jenna has actually spent several years working as administrator and receptionist in Los Angeles. Soon after The Office premiered on NBC, Fischer gave an interview, in which she expressed her hope to portray Pam for years to come. The actress revealed that she has never dreamed of becoming an A-list Hollywood star: she would much rather be a television actress working on the popular, long-running series. Today we can say that her dream came true. The Office has ran for nine seasons, right until May of 2013 and through all those years it remained among the most viewed NBC’s shows.
Those who have followed comedy series mentioned above know that over 9 years there was only one time when the audience might have had some suspicions about Jenna Fischer weight gain. It was when her character, Pam, was expecting a baby. Back then Jenna’s transformation was just an illusion created by prosthetic makeup artists. However, over the year 2011 the slim and fit actress has actually piled on a solid amount of additional pounds. The reason behind Jenna Fischer weight gain was joyful: the actress found out she’s about to become a mother. Fischer and the father of her child, Lee Kirk, announced about their engagement in 2009 and got married the following year. Their son, Weston Lee Kirk, was born in September 2011. It took more than ten months for Jenna to shed extra pounds and regain her pre-pregnancy body. As for the day, the actress looks as slim and adorable as ever.

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Jenna Fischer weight gain

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