Jenniffer Ellison weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jenniffer Ellison weight gain?

If you followed the career of this actress, singer, dancer and glamour model, you must have been shocked by Jenniffer Ellison weight gain, which took place during the year 2009. Before we start talking about her struggles with weight, let us briefly remind you about the professional achievements of this young woman. Jennifer has been dancing since the age of 6 and later developed her skills with Royal Academy of Dance, as well as International Dance Teachers Association. In the late 1990s she gained prominence with the soap opera Brookside, in which she portrayed Emily Shadwick. After five years with this show Ellison landed one of the most important acting roles in her career: she was cast as Meg Giry in The Phantom of the Opera. The starlet has also appeared in reality television series Hell’s Kitchen and With a Little Help from My Friends.
The sudden Jennifer Ellison weight gain seemed all the more shocking due to the fact that during most of her professional career she was widely considered one of the sexiest women on British television. She even posed for FHM, had a contract with lingerie company Ultimo and was named as “world’s sexiest blonde” by the readers of British magazine Nuts. However, in early 2010s Jennifer found herself in the contrary position: instead of being praised for her fit and firm, yet feminine body, she was suddenly criticized for being overweight.
So what was the reason behind the sudden Jenniffer Ellison weight gain? Has the starlet simply lost control of her calorie intake? The answer is no: the reason behind her sudden transformation was pregnancy. Ellison and her current husband, boxer Robbie Tickle, started dating in 2008 and engaged by the end of the same year, while spending holidays in Maldives. In 2010, just three months after Ellison and Tickle got married, the actress gave birth to the baby boy, Bobby. Although increasing body mass is something that every woman experiences while expecting, Ellison’s gained much more weight than is normally recommended by doctors. According to them, during the nine months would-be mothers should pile on 25-35 pounds. Meanwhile Ellison gained 6 stones and went from the size 8 to 18.
Unlike most of the women who work in showbiz, Jenniffer did not hurry to regain her former figure right after giving birth. She simply enjoyed being a new mom and did not care how she looks. According to the actress, her husband found ways to convince her that she looks amazing even when she was at her heaviest, thus she did not feel the need to do something about her figure. Jenniffer Ellison weight gain only became a problem when she started looking for the new roles. In order to continue her career as an actress Jennifer had to pull herself together and shed the extra pounds.

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Jenniffer Ellison weight gain

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