Jessica Lowndes Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Jessica Lowndes weight gain?

Jessica Lowndes is an actor, who will be probably known for her life for the most infamous role that she took in “90210”. She played Adrian Tate-Duncan famous for drug addiction and teen pregnancy. Although Jessica Lowndes weight gain is noticeable since she started acting, it suits her perfectly.
In real life she is a better person than the role that she took. Jessica plays the piano since she was five. She uses her workout routine to get inspiration in creating her music. Thus, she mentions that most of her songs she though while running, or doing exercise.
Jessica Lowndes weight gain looks healthy, because she balances her food every day. Even if she loves sweets and lattes, she tries to keep fit by ordering her lattes nonfat. She planes her daily meals by starting breakfast with oatmeal with bananas and brown sugar; sometimes she has an egg white omelet. For lunch she usually has some kind of salad and for dinner she eats steamed vegetables or baked fish.
Jessica keeps up to a strict diet and shares her experience with others. Jessica Lowndes weight gain made her body lines more feminine and the secret to this is discipline and calorie counting. Although she loves cupcakes she tries to avoid them, but sometimes she eats one when she wants some snacks. Thus, she replaces sugar with cinnamon when she wants something sweet with her oatmeal.
The actress also loves to work out, that helps her a lot. She has a professional trainer that does yoga with her. Further, she likes weightlifting and puts in in her daily routine. Jessica goes running regularly and improves her figure she claims that jogging is like a form of stress relief and a way to recharge her batteries. Also she talks about the music that she loves to listen while doing her exercise, which mostly is pop songs or hip-hop.
Jessica Lowndes weight gain may cause different reactions, some say that she has to lose weight, but most of the people notice that she looks healthy and beautiful while showing of her body shapes in her two piece mix and match bikini while she is on vacation in Ibiza.

what are your thoughts on Jessica Lowndes weight gain story?

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