Jessica Simpson Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Jessica Simpson weight gain?

A famous singer and an actress talks to one magazine about her pregnancy and what it changed in her life. Jessica Simpson weigh gain happened because she was pregnant and began to eat everything that she wanted, but could not because she had to keep fit. Jessica explains that it was great to take a rest from all of the exercise that she had to do.
She explains that she gained 40 pounds during her pregnancy, but after giving birth to her baby daughter Jessica plans to lose her weight. Furthermore, a lot of people talked about Jessica Simpson weight gain as a negative thing to happen and made hard remarks about it while she was pregnant.
This did not stop the singer to pose naked for one magazine and she admits that it was her idea, nobody asked her to do this. It is a strange thing to be so content, weight 170 pounds and to feel so confident about herself in this situation.
However some health experts expressed worry about this situation, about Jessica Simpson weight gain. They claim that it is worrying, because she gained too much and her health state could get worse and name a lot of things that could happen to her, because according to specialists 25 pounds is a healthy weight to gain during pregnancy and 300 extra calories a day should be enough to eat. But Jessica only laughs at this and talks about her pregnancy diet with satisfaction.
According to Jessica everyone have different pregnancies and gain weight differently, so if you gain 35 or more it is fine if you feel happy about it. However it is doubtful that this junk food that looks like things to eat in a slumber party is good for her baby. Although the singer tries to eat something green once in a wild Jessica Simpson weight gain does not bother her as much as it bothers other people.
Jessica Simpson weight gain makes her happy about herself and her body and the way that she can eat everything that she likes. Although it cannot be called a healthy pregnancy, because of all the junk food that she consumes, the most important thing is that the singer feels content and plans to get back to her shapes after giving birth to her baby.

what are your thoughts on Jessica Simpson weight gain story?

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