Jessica Stroup weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Jessica Stroup weight gain?

During the last few years there have been a lot of talks about Jessica Stroup weight gain. Before we start digging into this topic, let’s remember how this starlet ascended to prominence. Jessica’s acting career started in the mid 2000s, when she landed a small role on television series Unfabulous. Following this debut the young actress has featured in variety of TV shows (Girlfriends, Zoey 101, Grey’s Anatomy, Reaper, October Road, True Blood) and appeared in quite a few movies, including Vampire Bats, Pray for Morning, Left in Darkness, School of Scoundrels, Broken, The Hills Have Eyes 2, This Christmas, Prom Night, The Informers, Homecoming and Ted. However, to this day this young actress is best known for the portrayal of Erin Silver in hit television series 90210.
Those who have followed 90210 since its premier in 2008 know that by the time the first episode aired on The CW the actress was so skinny, numerous internet bloggers and commentators called for Jessica Stroup weight gain. In fact, the starlet was so fin, a good part of television audience suspected she is suffering from anorexia or some other eating disorder. This seemed quite a plausible guess, knowing what a huge pressure to stay fin young Hollywood actresses usually experiences. Due to her unhealthy looks Stroup was even blamed for sending the wrong message for millions of teenagers who are watching 90210 and idealizing the show’s characters.
It looks like the criticism did not slip through the starlet’s ears. By the time the second 90210 season premiered on television, Jessica Stroup weight gain was already noticeable by the naked eye. Little by little, the actress continued piling pounds all through 2010, until she reached a really healthy weight. The actress’ transformation garnered her thousands of compliments. Most of the audience agreed that with some additional weight the actress looks better than ever: curvy and feminine, yet fit and athletic. Some have suggested that Jessica decided to gain some weight to please Dustin Milligan. The actress and her colleague on 90210 started dating in 2008 and remained together until 2010. The others have guessed that she did not get heavier on purpose, but packed on the pounds rather naturally, after settling in a comfortable long-term relationship.
Quite a few of Stroup’s fans were afraid that after the break-up the starlet might start losing weight again. However, that did not happen: as for 2013, she still looks as healthy and charming as ever. Is it likely that in the nearest future we will be witnessing a more significant Jessica Stroup weight gain? In our opinion, it is not. The young actress is following a healthy diet, which is based on raw veggies and fruits.

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Jessica Stroup weight gain Jessica Stroup weight gain Jessica Stroup weight gain

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