Jim Parsons Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Jim Parsons weight gain?

Jim Parsons weight gain is not such an obvious thing, because he does not look fat, just not so skinny as he used to be before. He is a famous star for having a role in a popular television series The Big Bang Theory.
One of the reasons why Jim Parsons weight gain happened is that he has quit smoking in order to make his health state more positive. Smoking takes a lot of energy from a person’s health and smokers get tired faster and he wanted to start a new lifestyle without this bad habit. When he stopped smoking, the need to eat more appeared that is why he put on some pounds onto his body.
He also states that in order to look after his health he started running, because his 40 birthday was about to come and he wanted to make some changes in his life. It seems that if he started to work out more Jim Parsons weight gain should not have happened, but it did.
Jim Parsons weight gain also depends on his character in The Big Bang Theory, because everyone understands that the character must not have any muscles because his role as Sheldon is not supposed to be too hot. But there is also an existing opinion that due to the sexual look that he has gained it also fits his character to look this way.
Further, many people suggest him to stop working out and be the way that he is, also others think that Jim Parsons weight gain might be happening because of another role that he is planning to take in some other movie or television series and you cannot blame him for that.
People also think that his acting changed and to the bad side, because he used to be more serious about his work and now it looks like he is not paying so much attention to the quality of his own work. But the negative public opinion to Jim Parsons weight gain might have other reasons, people might dislike him, because recently he has announced of his sexual orientation, that he is homosexual and has a life partner, who he would like to marry someday.
Jim Parsons weight gain is noticeable, but in a good way, he is not getting fat, just becoming manly and his true fans love Jim Parsons the way that he is.

what are your thoughts on Jim Parsons weight gain story?

Jim Parsons weight gain Jim Parsons weight gain

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