Joanna Page weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Joanna Page weight gain?

Recently various tabloids have been preoccupied writing about the recent Joanna Page weight gain. Before we reveal the reason behind her sudden transformation, let us tell you a little about her professional achievements. Joanna started her career performing with Royal Shakespeare Company and Royal National Theatre. Following this she went on to appear in various films, including Mine All Mine, From Hell, Miss Julie, Love Actually and featured in the music video for mark Oven’s song “Makin’ Out”. Page gained wider recognition after being cast for one of the leading roles in popular television series Gavin & Stacy. In the late 2000s Joanna returned to the theater and appeared in three famed plays: Cinderella, Dick Whittington and Private Lives.
Having briefly discussed her professional achievements, we can return to the topic of Joanna Page weight gain. As you might already know, right until the recent years this actress had a figure that was worth envy: her body was fit and toned, yet feminine and curvy. In order to stay in shape the actress exercised regularly and followed a healthy diet. Although the nutritionists and doctors usually state that having rich and healthy breakfast is especially important, in one of her interviews Joanna has admitted that she often skipped the morning meal. When she didn’t, she used to choose traditional breakfast food, like boiled eggs and toasts. Page has also stated that she did not have any snacks before the lunch and replaced it with coffee or green tea with sugar. Although she didn’t eat much during the first part of the day, Joanna always had rich lunch, which consisted of some sort of salad and chicken. After lunch she usually had some fruits to keep the level of sugar in her blood high enough and to avoid headaches. For dinner Page used to choose a steak and once again, have a plate of vegetable salad.
With such a diet, Joana’s weight remained stable for years. It remained the same even after the actress was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and had to start taking medicine every single day. So what was the reason behind the recent Joanna Page weight gain? Was it the result of slowing metabolism or maybe the actress gave way for her passion for pudding? No, the reason behind her transformation was pregnancy. Page met her current husband, a fellow actor James Thornton, in 1999, while they both were filming for the adaptation of Charles Dickens novel David Copperfield. The joyful news that the couple is waiting for their first baby became public in September 2012. Under such circumstances, Joanna Page weight gain was completely natural. According to the doctors, every pregnant woman should gain 25-35 pounds.

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Joanna Page weight gain

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