Jonah Hill Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Jonah Hill weight gain?

Jonah Hill weight gain seems disturbing after weight loss; he seems to gain nearly 40 pounds again and returned to his former size. The reason for this is not clear; he may have gained weight to act in a movie role. Because he is known for his roles in comedies Jonah thinks that his fuller looks helps to get them.
Jonah Hill weight gain may be taken negatively by some people, but as he states himself he lost weight in order to show others that he is mature and can do what he sets his mind to. He also thinks that if a person gets in better shape people take him more seriously. He claims that he wanted to make his family proud about the things that he can do when he really wants it. Jonah wanted to improve his health state and the quality of his own life.
However there was one thing that h could not quit doing even when losing weight, it was drinking beer. As Jonah jokes it is his Achilles’ heel. Even when he tried to be healthier he kept this habit. He told nutritionist that his aim is to lose weight at that time, but they had to figure out how he will do it by drinking beer. So he thanks the nutritionist for his once slimmer form and the fact that he could still drink beer in achieving it and his new found love for the Japanese food.
Jonah Hill weight gain is supposed to help him get better parts, because he acts in comedies mostly. But after the break up with his girlfriend his figure seems to get fuller and fuller. Thus, he seems happy and content with his figure and the way that he looks, even though the weight got back to his chin and belly mostly or he is just good at hiding his true feelings.
Jonah Hill weight gain suits him, people are used to seeing him bigger and this really helps to get more roles. Actor is preparing to take up roles in different movies with a lot of celebrities and the most important thing is that he is content about himself and does not want to change anything.

what are your thoughts on Jonah Hill weight gain story?

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