Justin Bieber weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Justin Bieber weight gain?

As the teenagers all over the world are interested in every aspect of his professional and personal life, Justin Bieber weight gain is no exception. Before we start digging into this topic, let us remind you how the whole obsession with this singer started. Justin gained prominence in 2008, when he was only 14 years old. By the end of the following year this boy recorded his debut extended play, My World. All the seven songs included in this album (One Time, Down to Earth, Favorite Girl, Bigger, One Less Lonely Girl, Love Me and First Dance) charted on Billboard 200, turning the 15-year-old into international star over a night. Although quite a few music critics claimed that Bieber will be forgotten jus as fast as he ascended to stardom, it has already been four years since this singer coughed worldwide attention and so far it does not look like his star would be fading out.
What keeps the audience interested in this singer is not only his music and Justin Bieber weight gain, but also romantic relationships with other female starlets. For a brief period in early 2011 the tabloids had to temporally put aside all the other topics, as Justin attended Vanity Fair Oscar Party with Selena Gomez. As you might already know, this singer and actress ascended to stardom appearing on various Disney’s Channel programs. The gossip that the two teenage celebrities are dating has been twirling around for several months before they went public. Justin and Selena dated almost two years before breaking up in November 2012. Parting ways was probably a premature decision, as the couple reconciled by the end of the same month. They broke up again in February of this year. This time it looks like the celebs’ relationship is really over: nobody has seen them together for a several months now.
But enough of chatting about his professional career and relationships, let’s get back to the topic of Justin Bieber weight gain. If you have been following his career (or if you simply could not find the place to hide from TV shows and magazine articles scrutinizing every aspect of his life), you must have noticed that Justin’s weight has been fluctuating since the beginning of his career. In one of his interviews Bieber has claimed that every year during the holiday season he gains around 20 pounds. The person to blame for that is his grandmother, who is a great cook. However, Justin Bieber weight gain does not bother him. Unlike most of us Justin does not have to put special effort in order to get rid of the additional pounds. Due to his intense schedule, the pounds he gains during holidays melt naturally as soon as he gets back to work.

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Justin Bieber weight gain

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