Kaley Cuoco Weight Gain

So, what are the reasons of Kaley Cuoco weight gain?

During the fourth season of TV series The Big Bang Theory one of the actresses was noted to be bigger. Kaley Cuoco weight gain took place while the fourth season was being filmed and she felt unhappy about it and about her new forms. In one interview she talks about this without hiding anything.
Kaley Couco, who is not only an actress she also hosts Teen Choice and People Choice awards. In one of her interviews she talks about her body shape. Kaley Cuoco weight gain is the result of laziness that she sometimes has, because as she explains herself it takes a big effort to look slim and to keep the figure that everyone would admire. Kaley says that she still needs to lose 5 pounds of her weight in order to look beautiful and be content about herself.
Actress claims that there are some days that she fells unhappy about herself. The fact that Kaley Cuoco weight gain makes her feel ugly, but when this happens she comforts herself that there is always tomorrow to start over again and lose some extra weight.
Kaley admits that she likes to eat peperoni pica and can eat the whole pica alone. That is the reason why she has to work out a lot and spend a lot of time in the gym. Kaley’s day and routine sounds discipline and it has to be like this if she wants to keep fit and lose that extra 5 pounds that she wants to lose. Actress starts her day with oatmeal and vanilla almond milk and if she does not eat her breakfast that she eats everything that she wants by noon and that does not help to keep fit. Strangely enough Kaley avoids eating salad and pack up soup on set, because she wants to cook pork chops or turkey tacos for dinner, but that may not be the best thing to eat before going to sleep.
Even though it sounds not too bad, because the actress can enjoy food sometimes, it feels dad that Kaley Cuoco weight gain makes her feel ugly at all, because she did not gain so much and her feminine figure got more beautiful with some extra pounds. Even if she would gain or lose weight that would not affect her popularity and the personality that she shows in TV series or hosting different awards.

what are your thoughts on Kaley Cuoco weight gain story?

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