Karolina Kurkova weight gain

So, what are the reasons of Karolina Kurkova weight gain?

For a period in the late 2000s the tabloids have been preoccupied writing about Karolina Kurkova weight gain. Before we name the reasons behind her sudden and unwelcomed transformation, let us briefly remind you how this Czech beauty ascended to stardom. As a teenager Karolina was exceptionally tall, compared to her classmates and other peers. She has inherited her tall stature from her father, who was a professional basketball player. Although due to her unusual looks the teenager experienced bullying, by the time she turned 16 Karolina new her height was a gift, not a curse. After one of her friends, who believed Karolina would make a great model, sent her photographs for the agency in Prague, the 15-year-old started landing jobs in print advertising, commercials and fashion shows.
Needless to say, by that time Karolina Kurkova weight gain was not among her greatest problems. As most of the teenagers who are still growing, she was fit and slim. Plus, in one of her interviews Karolina has mentioned that her parents have always encouraged her to take good care of her body. Thus, since an early age she has been exercising regularly and tried to stay active during free time. Plus, although Czech national cuisine is famous for rich, high-calorie meals, Karolina has always tried to fallow a healthy diet.
As she started pursuing professional career on the catwalk, Karolina’s fit and toned, yet feminine and curvy body left nobody indifferent. After moving to Milan the teenager landed a contract with Muccia Prada. By the end of the millennium Kurkova appeared on one of the most influential magazines in the world, American Vogue. Following this breakthrough in the USA market the 16-year-old became one of the youngest models ever hired by American lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret. During the following few years Karolina has earned millions working with such world-famous designers and fashion houses as Valentino, Tommy Hilfiger, Versace, H&M, Chanel, Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Fantasy Bra, Alberta Ferretti, Hugo Boss, Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci, Christian Dior, Karl Lagerfeld, Givenchy, Ralph Laure, Prada and Stella McCartney.
Although everyone knows that models are usually especially careful in watching their calorie intake, by the end of 2008 Karolina Kurkova weight gain was impossible to ignore. The young woman has later revealed that during that year alone she has piled on some 30 pounds. Her sudden transformation was related to thyroid problem, which not only caused the model to pile on pounds, but also resulted in depression and panic attacks. Fortunately, as for 2013 both Karolina Kurkova weight gain and her medical problems seem to be gone. Although the 29-year-old has already given birth, her body looks as spectacular as ever!

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Karolina Kurkova weight gain

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